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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Want to feel the stock trading: Try the Stock trading game

If you are still unsure about stock investing why not try the PSE's stock trading game.

Just create an account and read the rules. The stock trading game is only active during the stock trading in the PSE that is 9:30 to 12:10 Monday to Friday. You are given a play money so to speak to play with. You can test your skill and your theories and all that you've learn so far in stock trading in test mode while you are not yet ready to make a real trade. 

As Robert Kiyosaki said that true learning is better achieve in simulation mode just like his Cashflow101 board game. So don't worry if your initial experience in the stock trading game made you lose more money. Just have the feel of it and learn from your mistakes. Place your buy orders and sells order "as if" the play money is real. Make your mind think that its a real trade so that your mind will be push to think and make decisions. If you make a mistake don't blame anyone and yourself but rather appreciate the invaluable lessons you will pick up from the game. 

So what are you waiting for: I have an advice. The Dow has been down last week and probably tomorrow's  trading will start slow as well. Its a buy time so buy stocks in the game and experiment if you can sell it at a profit. 

It's game time :)

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