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Advertise and Grow with Investing in Philippines

Investing in Philippines started on May 2009 and for nearly 3 years it has grown and attracted visitors from all over the world specially those who have interest in the stock market and other ways to grow and manage one's money. 
Investing in Philippines recently made its 10,000 per month pageviews on February 2012, after two years of its existence.

Investing in Philippines also geographically targets Philippines and its nearby neighbors. With that said your advertisements are expose to the Philippine market and the ASEAN market as well. We invite you to advertise in Investing in Philippines and enjoy the potential growth we are looking at from here on.

As of March 17, 2012, Investing in Philippines has achieved the following Statistics:

Google Pagerank: PR2 Business & Finance: 22
Total blog post: 235

Technorati Authority(as of March 28,2012): 408

Blogger Total Pageviews: 129,825

Google Analytics Data:


Investing in Philippines is currently undergoing layout change thus for now we are accepting picture and text ads link to your landing page or website. As we progress in re-formatting its layout we will introduce new and better ways to serve your ads in our blog and to better present your product or services to our readers and viewers.

Below are our Ad Units


Appears on every page at the heading below blog title and description.
     1  Month : $    8.00
     6  Months: $  40.00
   12 Months:   $ 75.00
Availability: 1 of 1 

Sidebar 150 X 150

A 150 x 150 banner image(no flash please). Appears on every page at the right sidebar, under the heading “OUR SPONSORS

     1  Month : $    5.00
     6  Months: $  25.00
   12 Months:  $  45.00
Availability: 2 of 3

Sidebar Text Links
Appears on every page at the right sidebar, under the heading “FEATURED LINKS

     1  Month : $    2.00
     6  Months: $  10.00
   12 Months:  $  20.00
Availability: 4 of 8 

Note: Place the text you want to appear in the Image Source/Links in the form below.

End of Post Ad Space

Appears at the bottom of a chosen blog post

     1  Month : $    3.00
     6  Months: $  15.00
   12 Months: $ 30.00
Availability:235 of published post

Product/Blog/Website/Service Review
Featured blog post of a minimum of 4 paragraphs including graphics and links. Minimum of one time fee of $ 50.00. 


For links in my blog post except for a Product/Blog/Website/Service Review price will depend the link provided. Please choose "Others" in the form below and give description in the field provided.

Note: Place the text you want to appear in the Image Source/Links in the form below.

Advertising Policy

All advertisements and sites being advertised should not contain any content or links to sites that promote pornography, profanity, immorality, gambling, violence, discrimination, or anything in violation of existing laws and regulations.

Investing in Philippines reserves the right to accept and reject advertisement placements at our sole discretion, and to change, modify or otherwise alter our advertising policy at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof.

Advertisement order placement and payment

In order for us to verify/review your ad placement please fill out the form below and will contact you via email if your ad placement is approved . As of this moment Investing in Philippines only accepts payment via PayPal.

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