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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New layout of Investing in Philippines

It has been awhile now. Thanks to all who supported Investing in Philippines for these past 2 years since I started blogging about investment opportunities and how to save money. It has been a great honor to be able to share to you and to hear your comments about the Philippine stock market and the saving ideas. I am planning again to change the layout of this blog to serve you better.

One of the changes I am thinking is about content of this blog. This blog started as my way of sharing my journeys in achieving financial freedom thus all ideas about savings, investing, opening an account, and other stuff came into this blog. To be able to serve you better I am planning to trim down the topics I cover in this blog and organize some stuff to be a sub-category. Also will be fixing the sections of the blog like the Tools and Must read for easy access.

I am planning also to just stick to one way of sending latest post to those who would like to subscribe to my blog. Right now Feedburner still the preferred choice, and if you noticed I already took out TinyLetter and Listwire to better manage my subscriber list. Also with the need to fund this blog I am thinking to find a better way to monetize the blog without sacrificing my content and the readability of my blog. This I will have to think of in the coming days.

I am hoping that any change I make in the near future will be helpful to all my readers. If you have any suggestions please let me know either in the comment box of this post, through my contact list, or email at

Again thank you for supporting Investing in


krissy said...

congratulations daddy louis on your blog ^^
it has helped a lot of Filipinos and foreigners worldwide to know the ins and outs of investing in the Philippines..

im always here for you to support and love you! ♥


Rej said...

congrats kuya. go go go!!!

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Thanks mommy krissy ko! You inspire mwaaah!

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Thanks sis Rej. I am currently searching a blog theme that is easy on the eyes :)