Investing in Philippines: Just a thought: The Philippine Stock Market is Soaring


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a thought: The Philippine Stock Market is Soaring

Yup that is how I see it.

Been selling my stocks not knowing that my asking price will be reach in a few days. Until where would this trend go? 


Well all I can say is that "It's more fun Investing in the Philippines!" 


Lyn Lyn said...

It is.. It is. Wohoooo! :)

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Yep that is how we do it here at our own stock Market... its a happy investing time :)

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Wow I just discovered that the PSEi again attained a new high at 5200 :) that is what I am saying .... but always always be ready when one goes up surely it will go down momentarily to have a healthy market correction. Its more of a selling period :)

Lyn Lyn said...

True. Uber saya na nga ako ngaun dahil marami na nagiging aware of the stock market, esp OFWs, at mga kasamahan ko rin dito. Haha.. I shared about it sa latest blog post ko. ^_^ nkakatuwa kc prang d cla mkapaniwala na PSEi is soaring high (eh un dbah and indicator of the economy? haha). :)) Yahoooo! Yebaaa!

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Well its now happening thanks to the Euro crisis hahahah....but kidding aside alot of analyst have already said that Philippines is one of the emerging markets that ha sthe potential to be like China(GDP growth per se) If only our kababayans in the Philippines and abroad know about it surely the more the Philippine stock market will be active and of course profitable. No matter where you go there will be corruption, violence,and strife if these issues are set aside in the Philippines we could have been better than Hong Kong or Singapore... again that is just my personal opinion