Investing in Philippines: Who is Gus Cosio


Monday, September 6, 2010

Who is Gus Cosio

An excerpt from Gus Cosio says so

Gus is a consultant in one of the Philippines‘ leading investment houses.

Having worked with global investment firms in Asia since the 1980s, he has extensive experience in the region’s financial markets.

Now based in Manila, Gus focuses on Philippine investment markets – stocks, bonds and foreign exchange.

Understanding that all markets are interconnected, Gus constantly follows the regional and international markets, hoping to bring to his readers a clearer picture of the Philippine markets in relation to the larger, global scheme of things.

So your wondering...if you are not familiar in the stock market, who is this guy?

Gus Cosio writes his personal opinion regarding the local stock exchange. His blog, Gus Cosio say so, has been quoted by some newbie and well established investors as accurate. His experience as consultant in various brokerage firms not only in the Philippines but abroad as well makes him an authority in the stock market. He believes that the Philippine Stock Exchange also follows other stock exchanges the likes of the New Your Stock Exchange, Hang Seng, Kospi, Nikkei, and other European markets.  

To read more on Gus Cosio's commentaries go to Gus Cosio says so


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