Investing in Philippines: Some tools that might be of use to you


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some tools that might be of use to you

Currently there are two tools I have placed in my TOOLS tab above. One is an Excel file I created to aid the computation of  TP or Target Price if you want to achieve a certain percentage of gain or profit(this is based on COL and FMS rates only). The other is a paid service that sends you the combined analysis of most stock analyst and aligning fundamental and technical analysis.

The Stock Computation Tool (click here to download)

This Excel file is designed to generate an estimated target selling price. All you need is to plug in the number of shares purchased, its cost and the desired gain when selling. The rates for the different charges are based on the rates applied by most online stockbroker participating in the Philippine Stock Exchange. 

This tool is a service provided by APF Trading. The latest analysis is emailed to you for your decision making whether to buy or sell a stock. Its main feature is the alignment of both fundamental and technical analysis, when these two align a "YES" note is at the end to signify that such criteria is met.


Luranski said...

Have you tried the APF Trader tool? thanks

Louis said...

Yes Luranski, APF Trading is sending me a sample copy for the Philippine Market. Its pretty easy specially if you know how to use filter function in Excel. I usually filter by filtering only the "YES" in the alignment column, then sort the Fundamental Deviation from highest to lowest and choose stocks base on the bullishness on the daily, weekly, and monthly Technical columns