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Friday, July 29, 2011

Something I just wanna share :)

Just this morning I got this email and guess what it made me smile. For the longest time for nearly 6 years I am now a certified Paid Content Blogger or so hahahaha I really don't know what is the term but I got my very first payment from Google AdSense. Check it out:

sorry guys can only show these details for security reasons

I thank all my readers and subscribers who continue to support my blog. It is so inspiring to hear or when I get to have chats with former classmates, former co-seminarian(yes I am former seminarian), friends, and even people I don't know leaving comments or messages through the chat box that I have a nice blog and they learned a lot in my blog. Also thanks to all the Google AdSense advertisers and other affiliates that allowed me to promote their product or service through my blog.

Hmmm tomorrow probably I will go straight to the nearest Western Union to cash it in. Will save and donate most of it but I can spend a small portion of it to celebrate it....probably a movie...and I am thinking Captain America.

I hope you won't get tired of my humble ramblings and storytelling in this blog. Will continue to write helpful tips in stocks, personal finance, updates, and other investment vehicles in the Philippines and beyond(like the Internet). 

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Louis said...

Finally got my first earnings at Western Union in A&A Pawnshop in Tamuning, Guam