Investing in Philippines: How is your portfolio today? A lesson from the movie Battle Los Angeles


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How is your portfolio today? A lesson from the movie Battle Los Angeles


Probably you are still in shock.

The stock market is now officially in the Ghost month and at the same time the recent adjustment of the US Debt Ceiling that led to the USA's downgrade of credit rating drove most markets in the red. 

Maybe you are one of the newbie investors who just recently got into the stock market after long hours or days or even weeks of thinking and deciding if you will put money in the stock. Well you were happy weeks ago because all your first stock picks went green and then this week all are in the red; some would say bloodbath.

Do you remember the 7 rules of stock investing? If not click here to read it.

Always remember to only invest free cash for a very practical reason and with this always remember to trade at your own risk. Also always set aside emergency fund for your personal use and for bargain hunting. Right now is the best time for bargain hunting. Stocks with strong fundamentals will stand the test of time and will soon rebound thus buying them at a low price at this time will be a wise move.

But if you have bought your stocks and still their prices went down don't be too hard on yourself. Have you watch the movie Battle Los Angeles? There is a line I love the most. SSgt Nantz  keep on saying it. 


It does not mean an aimless move in the spur of the moment but rather it is a call to action. Right now you can either back out and pull out your cash and lose or be patient and keep on cost averaging or investing in better stocks. It is like we are in the middle of the war; a war were you can be dead or a alive and you need to make a decision. 

Most analyst say the situation will be lingering for months. They are seeing it more or less six months. So what will you do? If you have not been following the rules you might be forced to cash out but if you have set aside money for this situation then you are lucky and if you haven't but you can still hold on to your investments who knows the situation might reverse soon and your portfolio might be able to regain its value and end up at a big profit.

Patience is a virtue.

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Rej said...

it was good to see color green in PSEi yesterday. but my portfolio is still in red. haha!