Investing in Philippines: Citiseconline sponsored show in GMA7: Pesos and Sense


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Citiseconline sponsored show in GMA7: Pesos and Sense

I was just checking my Citiseconline Brokerage account when I noticed this show that is showing today at GMA7(Channel 11).

The show is titled Pesos and Sense. Below is a small preview of what is in the said new show:

It is a a 30 minute show that discusses all about how money works just like what the "tindera" in the video said. Wow if all Pinoys have the same wisdom as the lady above I would believe poverty will surely end in the Philippines .

Their first guest is no other than Bo Sanchez.

Again it is showing in GMA7 (Channel 11) 8:30 to 9:00 am and I guess every Saturday. I hope more shows like this will be on the free airwaves for our Kababayans to watch. It would be great to keep it short and simple in the most watch TV slot so that our Kababayans will learn something about how money works and how can they make it work for them instead of them working for money.

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