Investing in Philippines: CashSense Visa: A new way of receiving remittance and paying online


Sunday, October 30, 2011

CashSense Visa: A new way of receiving remittance and paying online

Got this info through Gian Faye's blog Loading-info (

If you know about Unionbank's Eon Cards Cashsense Visa works basically the same. It is also a product of Unionbank that works like a Visa. So you can use such to make purchases online, receive remittance and withdraw the money to affiliated ATM, or better yet use it to get verified in Paypal and use it in your AdSense as your means of receiving your AdSense earnings.

You can go to Cashsense's website and apply for the card by registering as an associate. This means you have to have a blog to promote their services. Since you are an associate you can ask Cashsense to send your commissions or earnings to your Cashsense Visa as well, now that's convenient.

The Cashsense Visa is free for the first 100 affiliate applicants so if interested go and register right away.

To register to Cashsense and get the Cashsense Visa follow the following:

1. Go to and fill out registration form

2. Go to Payout and follow the instructions(it is

3. Add their banner in your blog or website.

4. Click the "Get me" image and it will open your mail software with a preformatted email. Place the link for your blog where the banner is shown and attached the required scanned ID(for verification) and send email.

Why did I informed you about Cashsense Visa?

Well as a future entrepreneur and as the trend requires you might be opting to received payment through this facility. Also if you are a blogger like me you can use Cashsense to received your other affiliate earnings, verify your Adsense account, or use it to recieve payments if you are selling online.

One thing you need is to keep with the innovation in business and online selling or what we call e-commerce is here to stay. It is highly probable that in the future all transactions will be done cashlessly or via electronic payment thus the early you start familiarizing yourself the better.

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