Investing in Philippines: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011



If you live in the US would like to greet you a Happy Thanksgiving!

After Thanksgiving is what they call Black Friday.

Now what does this mean those in the stock market?

This is the start of the Sale Season for retail stores in the US and also some places around the world that in a way has followed the tradition to really give a hefty discount to boost buying.

Stores open early, some might open even midnight, just like a kickoff or a season opener. People line up to buy those home furnitures, appliances, and gadgets which are now discounted up to 75%. 

With this retail companies performance's  in the stock market are monitored to know whether they will be upbeat or will be left behind with the sale season ongoing. Also tech companies like Apple will surely have a share with the holiday sale in regards to Ipad or Iphone.

But always remember, dont buy when you really don't need it. Maybe its on sale but if it will end up in your closet after buying better have that money invested in something that gives you back more.

Again Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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