Investing in Philippines: Will 2011 end bad?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will 2011 end bad?

I know I have been selling hopes of a good and a merry 2011 but it seems that the unending jitters in the Eurozone and the US might jinx it plus yesterday's unexpected drop while the rest of our Asian counterparts and the rest of the world ended or still trading higher.

However, as an investor how should we look at this situation?

Again, stocks will always have a up and down movement and the best thing we can do is to time when it is down for buying opportunities and sell when stock prices reaches our target price. This has been and is still the same rule that we are playing... and thus we should be happy about what happened today and yesterday and must be smiling.

I bet you took profit the past weeks when the market is up and I guess this sudden plunge is a good time to buy yourself gifts...that is new stock holdings that are promising and that are about to reverse upward.

As my UP Los Banos professor friend once said, "Every negative side of the battery has an opposite positive side."

Let us look at this as a positive opportunity.

The whole world is at the green zone due to the Black Friday sale in the US I bet the PSEi is just stunned at the bad numbers from the third quarter reports but soon or maybe, it will bounce back and follow the worldwide trend. Again, Christmas and New Year are coming and it is always a merry time so let us cross our fingers.

Buy good stocks at bottom prices and hold them until they are nearing your target prices.


junorchids said...

YEah!!!!! I strongly agree! I bet these people who are afraid to invest but not to spend will end their lives in misery! Dude! We have a lot of ways to progress.

I think this is the best option to progress. When you want to save and invest, make stock market your biggest piggy bank. Just a bit of advice- in stock market in order not to lose any penny, don't trade everyday instead invest overtime.. and most especially get advises from stock experts! I'm into it now and I'm so blest!

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Investing in Philippines said...

Thanks junorchids! Yes lets make it a piggy bank :) and we would be surprised when its already full that is the time to crack it open.

Dennis The Menace said...

The united states stock market seems to be on a year end upswing. Considering all of the problems in europe and elseware the market in the united states has held very steady.