Investing in Philippines: Yes: Investing is more fun in the Philippines


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes: Investing is more fun in the Philippines

Was looking over my emails and got my dose of newsletter from and yes I agree with him.


What more can I say, lets look forward for a abundant and profitable 2012 Philippine Stock Market!


Dennis The Menace said...

I heard that stock market investing is very unpopular in the philippines.

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Unpopular is not the right term, I would say only a few know about it. That is the very reason why I started this blog. We need to educate the people so that they can participate in the local stock market. A bulk of the companies here are held by foreign funds. I would like to see different scenario in the next 10 years where Filipinos owns 80% of most of the companies.

Its fun because it is still a young bourse in its development stage. Soon it will fly high, we are hoping the PSEi surpases the 5000 level mark. :) this 2012

Money Transfer to Philippines said...

That's right Louis! I actually have no idea that I can participate on the stock market until one of my colleagues introduced it to me. It's not simple as I thought it could be, you have to know the fundamentals and make a solid and clear judgement as you progress. I hope to gain more this year.

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Money Transfer there are lots of institutions giving free seminars on Fundamental analysis. Pinoys just has to make time to listen and allow the concept of investing sink in to themselves. Most of us Pinoys would rather spend money telling ourselves that we deserve it but don't we deserve more? If most of Filipinos specially in the early stage of employment can save just a portion of their small salary to invest in the next 5 years they could have a good emergency fund or even better a retirement fund

vonjie said...

Hi louis, I want to invest in stock market. Could you help me about it?

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Hi vonjie! I can help you with that. You can email me your questions or send them as a message or even leave it here in one of my blog post. Please do check some of my post, you might find some answers there. I am currently writing an ebook about stock investing in the Philippines. Will let you know when it comes out.

With that the very first thing you have to do is allocate your money. Divide your money into savings, daily expenses, for your amortizations, and your retirement. Whatever is left, that is money that is totally free, that amount is your starting point. Always remember the number one rule: Only invest free cash.