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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Check Our E-books On Sale

e-book about Investing in Stock
If you already noticed there are two additional e-books that I have placed the sidebar. These e-books have been the reason why I have not posted recently. 

The first e-book, Thoughts of A Blogger, is totally unrelated to stock investing. It is my collection of of blog post from my very first blog in 2005(yes I started blogging that long). 

I have learned that one way to unburden one's self from deep emotions that either depresses you or takes away your confidence is by free writing. And just last year I discovered this product, through Sha Nacino's recommendation, called E-Book Creation ECourse by Khoa Bui, an international author and speaker. To learn more about this Ecourse and about my e-book please click the following images below:

My mentor Khoa Bui's E-book Creation Ecourse
my very first e-book Thoughts of a Blogger

The second e-book is a lifelong work of my beloved girlfriend Kris Diane Domingo. Her e-book, How To Make A Personal Finance Statement Using MS Excel, is not only about making use of the indispensable Microsoft Office Excel but also about life lessons she learned and how she was able to manage her finances and finally having clarity in her financial freedom dream.

In her e-book you will find ways and means on how to save up and start allocating funds for your dream investments. 

Click the image below

Kris Diane Domingo's e-book How to make a Personal Finance Statement using MS Excel

And lastly of course the e-book that took lots of my time with sleepless nights and also constant reminder from my e-book mentor Khoa Bui. 

Investing in Stock by Louis Delos Angeles
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Investing in Stocks Preparing For The Future One Small Amount At A Time is my e-book that aims to get you started investing in the stock market specially in the Philippine Stock Market.  I have been blogging about personal finance and I have advocated stock investing as a way to reach one's financial freedom. 

In the Philippines where the stock market is still in its development stage, the opportunity to grow one's small savings is there as long as you are equip with the right tools, know how, and mentality towards it. 

We have seen how the world economic crisis has affected the local stock market and so many investors have their investments lose value. 

Economic crisis, all stocks in the red

The trauma stunned even those who are still on the planning stage to enter or participate in the stock market. Due to the wrong information and the wrong understanding of the situation, lots of those possible investors backed down and invested elsewhere. 

Get Investing in Stocks and You can Do it
And that is the very reason why I am sending the message that this is a great opportunity for us Pinoys to be the owners of the great local companies that we already have. By knowing and understanding the stock market such risk and situations can be managed and thereby I recommend my e-book to you to get you started.  

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