Investing in Philippines: Online Stockbroker: Odd Lot Orders Can Now Be Place In First Metro Securities


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Online Stockbroker: Odd Lot Orders Can Now Be Place In First Metro Securities

I just noticed this lately when my stock investor friend made a Facebook update that FMS (First Metro Sec) is now accepting odd lot orders. 

What are odd lot Orders? 

Firdt Metro Odd Lot order

This type of order is for your shares that don't complete a whole board lot. These shares may be the result of a property dividend or stock dividend  that is why you end up with some stocks not completing a board lot. Such shares will be left out thus an odd lot order will help you in selling such shares.

In order to sell your excess stocks in an odd lot you have to place such during the trading hours. For now odd lot orders cannot be placed in off-hours.

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pounds88 said...

natuwa ako nang nagkaroon sila ng ganitong klaseng order. i think it was last jan. 2012.nakabili rin ng TEL, pa isa-isa o dalawa para dumami

Invesitng in Philippines said...

Wow that is a good strategy pounds88. Yup maganda sya because it allows you to either buy or sell ng "tingi". Let's make well use of it to our advantage.

MCX Tips said...

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Louis Delos Angeles said...

Thanks MCX tips! How is the trading in India? Been hearing about Sensex through CNBC during Worldwide Exchange and it has been a long time already, hope is going well too there.

What is CFD Trading said...

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