Investing in Philippines: TEL 2011 Full Year Core Income Press Release


Monday, March 12, 2012

TEL 2011 Full Year Core Income Press Release

Was checking some of active stocks in the Philippine stock when I got directed to PLDT(TEL)'s website and seen the press release of their FY 2011 Core Income Reports.

To check the report you can check it by clicking here.

From the very own words of PLDT chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan, they are not expecting 2012 to be a high income year but would see it as a period of re-alignment with their latest acquisition of Digitel. He believes that it would take time for the company to realize the benefits of the combined telecommunication companies operation and they are expecting a surge of income starting 2013. 

Also the report mentioned that amidst the capital expenditure related to the acquisition of Digitel, PLDT(TEL) is still able to deliver the minimum dividend payout of 70% of core income. And with that another dividend payout is slated on April this year to fulfill the 100% dividend declaration. I guess such will again make the stock in demand at least for those who do dividend play. 

For those who are accumulating PLDT(TEL) shares, we have to catch dips this year and accumulate as much as we can in preparation for the coming years of PLDT's profitable operations.

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