Investing in Philippines: Holy Week: A Good Time To Invest


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Week: A Good Time To Invest


Yes this week, for most Catholics and Christian religions, is called Holy Week in observance of the Paschal Mysteries. 

Why is this a good time to invest? It is a good time to invest in yourself that is.

Back in the Philippines most schools have concluded their school year and most offices will be close starting Maunday Thursday up to Monday due to the Araw ng Kagitingan holiday. You may be spending lots of time in your career, small business, studies, or even in your stock investments but don't forget to also invest in yourself. 

These long weekend would be a great time to stop and be still to go over yourself.

Make an inventory of yourself. It would be helpful if you have a notebook or journal so that you can jot down all the good, the bad, the progress so far, and the things that you needed to work on yourself. If you have some religious activities to attend please do go and immerse yourself in the words God wants you to know. 

Be still and be open.

Most would probably go to beaches like Boracay or some newly discovered beach paradise in Pangasinan and the Northern provinces. Its okay as long as you don't forget to observe what your faith requires of you. 


One of the beaches in Pangasinan's Hundred Islands

Also would it be better to spend these days reflecting rather than partying? Bonding with your immediate family, communicating and forgiving each other from the pains of the past. 

Always remember that money is not the most important in our lives, our love ones or the people that we care and care for us are. Give time and company to them and re-establish your relationships with them.

I wish you a blissful and meaningful Holy Week.

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