Investing in Philippines: Do You Consider Yourself An Expert Or A Student In Terms of Stock Investing?


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do You Consider Yourself An Expert Or A Student In Terms of Stock Investing?

Have you ever ask yourself this question?

The best answer as I have always share is that we will be continually a student learning from our mistakes and remembering those times where we stumbled at a good stock and made profit.

There are so many blogs, forums, and Facebook fan page where stock trading or investing is discuss and ideas are shared as well. Lots of big players use these avenues to get investors' attention and use the hike and dump tactics for them to gain. Others are using it to hike up attention for an IPO or additional listing thus rising the offer price and gaining more than what is expected.

But a seasoned trader or investor would know this.

One has to continually learn how the stock market moves and reacts to different scenarios.

You might have just joined the stock market bandwagon and might be frustrated with the downtrend the world stock market is in right now. But even though the market is down there are traders or investors out there smiling form ear to ear because of this downtrend.

For those who just dive in this is a very good time to test the waters. DO buy shares but only a small scale. Test it and learn from your mistakes. Always remember that you trade at your own risk so make a system of calculating the risk you are taking when buying and selling. If ever you made a mistake make sure you learn the lesson and move on, never get stuck at your loss.

Everyday is a good day to start investing, its just how you look at that makes the difference.


Dalamar said...

If you seriously want to learn how to invest, you should consider getting a CFA! That is the way to go!

Dexter | said...

Sir newbie here, I have been investing for almost 4 months and still there are lots of things to learn. As of now I am only into blue chips.. Thanks for the post

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Thanks Dalamar and Dexter for the comments. Always remember that there is always room for knowledge... but as they say Knowledge without action is pointless so from time to time test what you've learn and learn from the result.

Agoscapital said...

We are a student of the market. We have to accept the fact that we have no control over the market. When we enter a position we start at a neutral-position - zero with a 50% chance of winning and 50% chance of losing - we don't know what will happen. The market will do whatever it wants - we don't control it. We can only control our ourselves - position sizing, tipping the odds to our favour from a risk/reward standpoint, managing risk and more importantly managing our emotions.

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Very true AgosCapital

krissy said...

i consider myself progressing between being a newbie into a consistent student aiming to become an elite trader.. i dream to have my own investment firm in the future.. and i know that experts are still students of the market - there's a lot to learn in the market..

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Very true mommy krissy!

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