Investing in Philippines: What's with CAL(Calata Corporation)?


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's with CAL(Calata Corporation)?


After listing in the Philippine Stock Exchange(click here), Calata Corporation(CAL) has been doing good and has been getting attention specially after being in an uptrend amidst the downtrend for the past two weeks.

Also with the media exposure specially the story of its chairman, Joseph Calata(click here to read his story being a self made billionaire at 31), has open the possibility that young people like him can achieve what others dream about.

It has also been in the stock forums. CAL has been on the watch list of most stock traders and investors hoping to catch the trend and make money by buying in and selling out on the short term. 

We will definitely watch this stock as it grows. Will make a fundamental analysis and soon make a opinion on this stock.


Anonymous said...

bye bye calata.. if wasn't for stock price manipulation, I might still buy calata.. but at the close today.. it is really depressing.. just like facebook IPO.. 5.7 (from 7.5), and also even hit 5.2

Anonymous said...

Yeah its depressing i bet on it last month and now my portfolio is down by more than 40% wiped out my 2 yrs gains.. :-( although i cud see this is the best time to buy it ciz its cheap..