Investing in Philippines: Has TEL formed a cup and handle?


Monday, July 16, 2012

Has TEL formed a cup and handle?

Just a quick one.

Open my COL account and was running charts of my current portfolio and to my surprise, TEL seem to form a Cup and Handle?

What do you think? Share your thoughts please in the comment box.

9 comments: said...

Sir, ma-technical po pala kayo sa stocks. I gave up on that method a long time ago. hehe.

I don't know how the cup and handle works as I base my decision on trendlines, macd and rsi.

anyway. here's what I think:

-Price is NEARLY overbought.
-MACD tells me to Sell.
-Support is at 2,630.
-resistance is at 2,820.

for now, I would Hold.
I am expecting price to go near resistance. and when it does, I'll Sell as price MAY already be overbought by that time. I'll buy again when the price corrects itself.

I'll also sell if price breaks support, to cut my losses.

by the way, I have no TEL stocks :)
market price already reached its target price (2,711) already :)

Happy trading Sir! How about you po? What do you think po?

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Nice analysis

Bro wag mo na ko i-po hehehehe :)

Anywasy not necessarily ma-technical. I am more FUNdamental but since my fiancee is TECHnical so I also look at price charts spotting patterns. An the CUP & Handle is the favorite pattern.

I have about 50% TEL in my COL that is why it is of my intetest to know where this lead to. Ok na sana noon nung pabagsak price ng TEL but TEL easily recovered so been holding for months now. Hoping that it breaks beyond 2800 para maganda kita at may ibang paglagyan.

Very good analysis. Will see turn of events before ghost month.

Anonymous said...

Ano po ibig sabihin ng cup and handle technically?

lenard xenon said...

ghost month??? kelan po ito?

lenard xenon said...

ghost month <- kelan po ito?

Investing in Philippines said...

August is the ghost month lenard, it is the equivalent month of the Chinese festival on the seventh month of the lunar calendar. They believe their deceased ancestors visit the earth. Unnecessary spending is observed thus it seems that the stock market will not be active due to fewer active investors specially in the Asian bourses/stock exchanges

Investing in Philippines said...

Cup & Handle as the name says is a formation where there is a downtrend followed by sidways movement and then a uptrend, that forms the cup. when a short downtrend follows such cup it is said that it forms a Cup & Handle. When such chart pattern is form a continuation of the last uptrend is expected when the short downtrend is broken and starts to go up again. The expected rise is usually the height of the cup that is why it is a favorite chart patter.

Again only place trades when such formation is confirmed. That is why I am asking if indeed TEL did form a Cup and Handle.

And besides this chart is memorable for me becuase it is the chart pattern that brought me my fiancee :), she's a chartist kasi :)

krissy said...

mah dear fiance.. the java charts do not seem to work tonight but i think you need to stretch your charts' timeframe.. from there you could see the entire chart formation and appreciate whatever it is forming.. ^^ said...

so that's what a cup and handle is. hehe..

but just an observation, i think the downtrend (aka the handle) is not not yet confirmed. unless there will be another low. Hence, a cup w/o a handle. hehe

I may be wrong though..