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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Invest in your hobby

Investing in one's photography hobby
Aspiring Photographer

Invest in your hobby and make it your living, that is what I meant.

I guess you have already heard of people making money at home. Some do small orders of "paluto" or maybe do made to order dresses. For some like a CPA established a small accounting firm with only themselves or one encoder or runner; while others do VA(Virtual Assistant) jobs ranging from social media manager, content writer or researcher, typist, designer, or any work that could be sub-contracted. 

The fun of it is that they are doing it in the comfort of their homes, at times in their pajamas, in their bed, at any hour of the day or night or even while on vacation in a nice beach somewhere in the other side of the planet.

Most of them are working out of their passion and some are working based on their hobby.

Someone whose hobby is to doodle or make drawings might be making money out of it by submitting his sketches, an amateur photographer(which I am exploring) might be submitting photos to photo stocks, print or advertising companies who might use it for advertising or promotions.

If so why not invest on your hobby and make a living out of it. It could start as a sideline or additional source of income and who knows it might even surpass your pay in your current job.

Now if you are an aspiring photographer I am not saying that you buy the lighting equipment, the latest editing software, and the whole things you see in a photographer's studio; those will really cost a lot. By investing means buying the appropriate tools to cultivate or to enable you to master or perfect whatever your hobby is.

upgrade your camera

If you aspire to have a sideline photography business you can start of by buying a decent DSLR camera that will enhance your photography. Also it comes that you have a laptop or computer and software that will enable you to make changes to those photos you’ve taken so that you can present them well to possible customers. As for me I bought my dream DSLR camera, a lighter Asus laptop, and since I can’t afford a photo editing software I got which do nearly all the tricks(check my two photography blogs GuamPhotosDotCom and The Novice Shutterbug). 

Also besides the equipment you have to invest time learning how to shoot photos better. You can find lots of tutorial for free at and other free online photography sites. You can even interact with passionate photographers in your area or in the type of photography you like and from there you can learn from the expert and get introduce to possible clients.

Besides all that you also need to have a portfolio of your work for possible clients. With the help of the Internet you can put up a blog that showcases your work. At first it should really be a hobby and don't take it too seriously. As they say the best way to finish eating an elephant is to eat it piece by piece (this is just a figure of speech). You can only start small bites at a time and as you progress you will surely finish the task.

For those who has other passions, if for example you’re a CPA and wanted to have your own small firm you start by attending all free seminars; seminars your company sends you or sponsors you; or attend some free seminars the BIR or PICPA gives. 

An accountant's best friend

Also being an accountant  makes you in a position to be able to give sound financial advice to your clients so it would be good if you also update yourself in the areas of business, taxation, trend in technology or the latest craze where your client may invest as well so that they prosper and in turn you will have a good paying client. Also accounting systems has changed rapidly from the paper system to digital system. 

You might want to introduce your client to the latest software and thus you too should equip yourself about it. To date QuickBooks is one of the best and recommended software for small business even PICPA recommends it. But since it’s a software base on US, you must find ways how to tweak and make turnarounds for things that are not set for Philippine use, this will be your selling point as they say.

For passionate bakers why not join some competition and showcase your talent. You could also have a free sample of your bake goods in your son or daughter’s school activity who knows somebody might like it and order a bunch for their corporate event or maybe a birthday party, or a wedding.

Always remember that the greatest things in this world started somewhere and started small, so you should too.

So invest in the small stuff that you need to develop your hobby into a source of your income.  


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Pinoy Investing said...

knowing your talents and pursuing it to serve the world will be rewarding at the end. that's one of the secrets of those truly rich. :)

thanks louis!
you may want to guest post in my blog.:)