Investing in Philippines: An update regarding NTS with PSE


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An update regarding NTS with PSE

A buzz regarding the new system is out.

The PSE is moving to a new trading system leaving behind the Maktrade system. To read more on this new trading rules please visit the PSE website at or click here.

The question now is how would this new trading system affect investors. In reality the entities that are directly affected by these changes are the stockbrokers. They need to update themselves as well to able to follow the PSE trading. On their part they must see to it that the investing public will be able to seamlessly use their online ordering system without much hassle on the side of stock traders like yo and me.

The PSE is on its final stage of transferring its operations in the Makati trading floor. The move was to operate wisely by only having one trading floor. Though the PSE has been earning cutting cost is one way of boosting bottom line. For the mean time he PSE will trade at the Makati until such time they find a new place for their main floor and office.

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Louis said...

Finally confirm this news. My broker, Citiseconline, issued a bulletin last night regarding their switch to the new system. It seems everything is ok. Same webpage and same controls. Probably the entities that are the main concern of the switch are the brokers. Next week will see the effects of this NTS