Investing in Philippines: Prosperity Consciousness and Psychological Wallet


Monday, September 13, 2010

Prosperity Consciousness and Psychological Wallet

I read about Prosperity Consciousness in Bob Proctor's book You are Born Rich(To get a free copy of this book go to my webpage's Must read books tab or click here for the free ebook).

Bob Proctor explains that the things that were invented and enjoyed today has been there since before it was discovered. It was through one's consciousness about such idea or invention that lead to its discovery. So as with prosperity or abundance. 


Many people today are so blind that money or abundance or prosperity is within each and everyone's reached but seems so impossible. If we are only aware we could easily know what product would sell and give you profit or what stocks to invest to give a good return. But why is it up to now so many people are poor or so many businessmen failed in their business? Like the great scientist who discovered great knowledge that we use to day and sometimes we don't even appreciate, one has to be determined to see through the abundant source of information and abundant source of investment vehicles each and every man can have. When one has determination to learn and to harness such vast knowledge and resources then one has truly opened his eyes and finally sees that consciousness  unfolding little by little.
What is a psychological wallet? In Bo Sanchez's book 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich psychological wallet was mentioned. Every person has this imaginary wallet. And each person knows how much money can only fit in that wallet thus in times of prosperity or when they made a jackpot in their business, or they got a bonus, or a promotion, the tendency is for them to spend the excess because they cannot fit it to their wallet. Thus when an employee got an increase  or bonus she or he plans where or what will he spend it for. Probably a treat at a pricey resto with friends, a Louis Vuitton bag, a vacation trip in Bangkok or in Boracay, or any thing as long as such excess money is spend and not tuck in their wallets.

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The thing is the secret to be truly rich is to accumulate and re-invest in a vehicle that will keep on earning and re-investing on its own. 

Thus for those spenders such wont be achieve because the money that they could have placed in a mutual fund or a stock investment is already gone. That is why it is recommended to change your psychological wallet. You can actually make that imaginary wallet  bigger so that you can happily put that extra earnings, save it, and invest it in an investment vehicle that will continually give you returns which you can now enjoy in Boracay or a Bangkok trip without you worrying where to get the money for it because it is now a fund that earns on its own.

The stock market is one good investment vehicle one can put one's free cash. The stock market may be running up and down but when you know when to buy and when to sell by opening that consciousness about the stock market you can prosper from it and reap its benefits in the long run or short run if the market is so good just like recently.

Again open your mind and be conscious of the abundant prosperity around us and always make your psychological wallet big enough to accept that incoming money from your stock investments.

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