Investing in Philippines: Why not reward yourself with a Somnio Running shoes from your stock earnings


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why not reward yourself with a Somnio Running shoes from your stock earnings

All I can say is "good job!" for last week's stock performance. I bet you made good trades by either unloading your stocks(especially the ones you have been waiting to rise up) or made short trades by buying a stock at a notch lower and selling it when it peaked up.

One of the guides I have been mentioning is for you to share your stock earnings. Sharing is a good way of thanking the Almighty for guiding you in that good break in your stock trade. Sharing does not mean you have to exclude yourself from it. If you have been sharing a portion of your blessings to your tithes, is it right also to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

I got an email from Jomar Hilario about this new shoe on the block Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes.

I am a runner(according to me :)) and have wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. When I checked the shoes they seem so nice to be worn in my feet. They would encourage me more to add another mile to my usual run/jog/walk weekend routine. That is a good idea in rewarding myself from my stock earnings. I am shooting two birds with one stone here, rewarding myself and getting myself fit.

Check Somnio running shoes to check out this new shoes. Also check out Unbox Facebook Page,they have this contest and they are giving away a pair of Somnio shoes for the winner. To learn more about this contest check Unbox post here.

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Paul Farol said...

This is really bad promotions for Somnio Running Shoes here in the Philippines. I hope GBX does something about it and corrects the situation.