Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yup time flies as they say, I have been blogging about stock investing and other personal finance topics in the Philippines for a year now.

Some were good and I know some are not that good but after a year I have become a better blogger as well as a better stock investor. I guess it is time for me to remove my description as a newbie investor but to think of it we are all students for life. There is room for improvement thus I will continue on learning about investing and personal finance and share it to you guys here in my humble blog.

The Philippine stock market and the stock market in general has been in a roller coaster ride. There is the lingering Greek and Europe Debt Crisis and America's Falling economy, the tragedy in Japan,  the Arab Region Uprisings, and other news that seem to pull down the stock market. Coupled with these are also good news that uplifted the economies of other nations. 

Several times the Philippine Stock Index(PSEi) defied the DOW. 

Right now we are in the expected correction/consolidation. It is expected that the market will be in this standstill/downtrend mode for about two months. But these times are the best time to buy stocks. 
TEL has gone down as low as Php 2,000.00 per share level and that is a buying opportunity. In times of turmoil most people are afraid. But the best time to enter the stock market is when everyone is backing out... so that you can command your price. It is risky for you don't know when will the market get back to its feet thus we should only put our money on fundamentally sound companies.

So I hope your interest in the stock market grows... maybe you are a Filipino like me and want to invest in the Philippine Stock Market so let's invest in our beloved country. If you are in the other parts of the world do invest in your local stock market and help your country's economy. 

You don't need millions to invest in the stock market. I was able to invest in the stock can you.

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