Investing in Philippines: I am currently on vacation


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am currently on vacation


Hi guys!

Just want to update you that I am currently on vacation that is why there is no new blog post. I will only be gone for a week and will be posting more ideas upon return.

For those who filled up the form for my free e-book gift thank you very much!

Will try to see some of the comments from time to time. The problem is that there is no free wi-fi in Starbucks(or on selected stores only) here in the Philippines so will make the best that I can every time I get to load some credits to globe tattoo.

For those who still want the e-book the last day will be tomorrow, there you go I said it!!!


Dalamar said...

Enjoy, where are you going?

I'm spending some time here in Coron and looking for investments at the same time!



Lyn Lyn said...

Enjoy your vacation, Kuya Louis! And happy birthday! :)) Pa-burger ka nman.... ^__^

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Thanks guys! I am already back in Guam :) its just a short vacation but at least a vacation is a vacation...

krissy said...

one of the most memorable vacations i had with you louis ♥ i love you so much..

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Mommy krissy lets have more memorable vacations together :) mwaaah I love you ♥!!