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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Investopedia Videos

I know the stock market is an alien world you and I are in with the bizarre languages, symbols, and terminologies we encounter every day of the trade. Thanks to Investopedia and other sites and also our broker's site where we can get the information we need to decipher what buzz the market is talking about. 

But still we can maximize our learning experience if such information can easily be retained in our brains. Some download ebooks and audiobooks which they can access easily so that they can read or listen to the topic which they don't understand like Candlesticks, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Backdoor listing, Market Rally and the rest.

But what if we can see such info and explanation in a video? 

I remember back then when a friend's friend came here with his Japanese friend who wants to learn English asked how can Filipino kids who has no formal English lesson able to communicate to an American or anyone who speaks to them with English. The answer was the Tube a.k.a. the Television.

It is easy to remember when what we are learning is an engaging presentation just what the television does. That is why Robert Kiyosaki invented Cashflow 101 and 102. A board game about financial management which aims to get out of the rat race. The game actually covers accounting(a subject most wont like to talk about) and financial management. The more you play it the more you learn it and retain the concept.

That is why I want you to watch the Investopedia videos by going to The videos are well made that it presents the concepts of investing in a concise and easy to understand way, you get to learn the meaning of the nose bleeding words you have been encountering and reading in the newspaper every day. 

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