Investing in Philippines: What does "READY" mean?


Sunday, October 16, 2011

What does "READY" mean?


Last Friday was kinda a day for us here in the office.

I went to the office with a bright sun while I cruise my usual Lower Tumon route. Then came mid-day and the skies starts to darken. We had a pot luck in the office to celebrate the October birthday celebrants. We ate and got full with food each employee brought(I just ask our Admin to buy Vietnamese lumpia as my share :) ) 

It was already raining around 10 am and it got stronger in the afternoon. It seems non-stop until we realize that the front parking of the office started to be filled with water. The water coming in the parking is faster than the water draining in the sewer and by 2:30 the water is literally like a white water river; rushing out to the side of the property where it was lower all the way to the back parking. And by 3 pm we are all worried the the first floor office will be flooded. We even joked about our back parking being a new lake called "Lake Placid", the lower side of the building being a new tourist attraction for white water rafting, the parking of the building on the side is a new lake called "Sideway Lake" and the water rushing from the main road to our shallower front parking as a new water falls. We were thinking how to stop the flooding and that is the time it hit me the importance of readiness.

In stock investing we have always reiterated to set aside emergency money for personal and for moments like this; when the stock market is so low that you can buy so many good companies.

It will be absurd to think that we stock investors are happy when the market price of our stock is down. Yup one might think we are crazy when our portfolio is negative. We should be happy because it only means that we can buy more and accumulate more at a bargain. That is why being ready is a must.


I know it is hard to know when, I myself was caught off guard. I was about to transfer funds which is in dollars but at that time the peso-dollar exchange rate was not good so I didn't do what I was supposed to do. Also I thought the market was really at its bottom thus with the reserved fund for bargain hunting I bought TEL and I thought I hit it right. I was wrong. The Greek debt crisis has its last hurrah and there it goes another downer.

Well the best part of it is that I learned something and  I learned it the hard way. For weeks now I am just checking my portfolio from time to time just waiting that some of my stocks will soon turn green and plan how to sell it. We are all hoping that by end of the year all the markets will be at a healthy condition with the hope of a better 2012.

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