Investing in Philippines: The Fear Factor and Crazy Cow


Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Fear Factor and Crazy Cow

Do you think I am crazy?

Sorry to ask you that. I know with that question you did think I am already turning crazy but who would not in this time of economic turmoil. The daily banners in has become depressing. One day it gives you joy and hope that the Debt crisis in the European Union will soon end and the world will be happy but again there is the bad news budding.


So you agree now that it is crazy right?

Well I don't know if you haven't notice it yet that I am advocating "buying" now when the stock market is down and yet it seems it wont go up in the near future. Yes even me I am waiting for the stock market to get back on its feet. But again I say you should be crazy even in this times.

The stock market is expected to have a sudden spike due to the holiday season. Christmas always brings happiness and  thus we see some of it in the movement of the stock market as well as the new hopes of a better new 2012 will drive that happiness mood.

But to date here is the Fear Factor, markets are still moving sideways.

In other words consolidation. We have gone to the downtrend and it seems we are stuck in the sideways. And with that lots of people are fearful and would rather put their money in their pockets rather in the  markets. Ready cash is safer as they say but that is why we are investors and not traders. The money we put in our investments are always free cash. Even more you should be crazy because as I have been re-iterating prices of good companies are still cheap, though some already started to pick momentum and seem not to go down also in the near weeks.

Yes fear is really an uneasy friend but if you know how to use it it will do you some good. If others are fearful it means there is an opportunity. And only pursue that opportunity if you have done your part doing your due diligence and charge like a crazy cow.


Remember do your due diligence before charging like a crazy cow. 

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