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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ways to be Debt Free: Defining what is enough


At times it seems that no matter what you do or how much you earn it seems it is not enough.

Probably you earn a lot as a small business owner or you have a high paying job but it seems that the earnings you get seem not enough to cover your daily needs thus you resort to borrowing and in time you find yourself in debt. It is so embarrassing when you who have such earning capacity is actually in debt.

Probably you need to change the way you look at how you handle your finances.


I read a post in the blog Be More with Less by Courtney Carver via a link from She listed 10 ways to have more money or stuff and she use the technique of looking of what one already have instead of acquiring more. Indeed in our life the reason why it seems that we are wanting is that we never tend to appreciate of what we already have and instead seek other things thus whatever we already have are as if not there.

We say we don’t have time to get enough sleep and we end up sickly but the reason we don’t get enough sleep is because we pre-occupy ourselves with other stuff because we think these things are more important or will give us joy. We work hard day in and out so that we can buy what we wanted and what our love ones wanted but have forgotten that what is really needed is your time with them not the things you buy that will take your physical presence.

Below are the 10 list and some thoughts that might help you in thinking and redefining what is really enough.

1. Redefine enough. Your current definition of enough
    may be more than you think. Do the simple 
    counting exercise below and see what is really 
    enough for you and your family.

2. Learn to say no. You may have to turn friends 
    down for a dinner out, tell your kids that they can’t 
    have designer handbags in high school, or make 
    other unpopular decisions. 

3. Put people before stuff. Before you stop for lunch, 
    drop by the mall or “pick up a few things” at the 
    grocery store remember what your family really 
    wants. They want YOU. If you spent less, could
    you work less and spend more time with the 
    people that love you? 

4. Put moments before stuff. Running outside with 
    my husband last night to watch the storm clouds 
    come in was absolutely free, and more rewarding 
    than anything I could have purchased. 

5. Stop trying to measure up. Someone will always 
    make more than you, have more than you and do 
    more than you. So what? You are beautiful and 
    wonderful. Be you and stop comparing. 
6. Don’t stock up. If you buy wrapping paper on 
    December 26th and stock up on sale items year 
    round, you are spending more than you would if 
    you just bought what you needed. Don’t be fooled 
    by the cashier that tells you, “you just saved 
    $22.00″ when you just spent $300. 
 7. Stop using a credit card. Debt will follow you
    forever unless you stop using credit cards. The 
8. Write it down. You might be too busy and stressed 
    to think about what you really want out of life. 
    Write it down and read it every day. “Live by the 
    beach”, “Start a new business”, “Put kids through
    college with no debt”, “Move to a new country”. 
    This is your why. Knowing why will give you 
    momentum. Knowing why will give you 
    perseverance. Knowing why will give you the guts
    and grit to take action and live the life you desire. 
9. Realize you ARE enough. If you could be happy with
    you, you could stop overeating, overspending, and
    over indulging. Once you know you are enough, you
    can realize that you have enough. 
10. Identify your source of happiness. A new shirt will
      not make you happy for long. In fact, I can’t think
      of any material thing that makes me happy 
      everyday. Instead it’s the things that you can’t 
      own. Children’s dimples, a dog rolling over for a 
      belly rub, jumping in the ocean, climbing 
      mountains, stretching, kisses, gratitude. Those are
      the things that happiness is made of.


krissy said...

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