Investing in Philippines: The Stock Market in the year of Black Water Dragon


Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Stock Market in the year of Black Water Dragon


I caught a short glimpse of Bernard Lo's show in CNBC, Straight Talk with  Bernie Lo, since it is the Chinese New year tomorrow their guest as a Feng Shui master. They talk about the expectations this year of the Black Water Dragon and was able to catch some notes.


One note is that real estate and banks wont be that profitable this year because base on the Chinese Feng Shui earth element is under water thus industries like real estate and related to metal like money wont be that profitable due to competition. 


Another note is that this year wont be as as profitable as before due to the "black" issues that will be confronted. The Feng Shui master mention that 2013 will actually be the year of recovery that we have been waiting for and the year before it would be the year of so much change and movement thus for the past year and this year people and pushing for change. Remember that around the world there were lots of escalations and some governments were even toppled. We are expecting more of that this year and hope that this year would truly bring change in the society and the global economy.

With those in mind would it be the best time to enter the stock market?

Right now the Philippine Stock Exchange is in its record high reaching its 4700 level just last week. A lot of analyst also say that Asia will be the next big thing thus a lot of funds are pouring in. The troubles in the USA and Europe did push investors in the East hoping for a better investment. With that stock prices are trending up thus it is still a good opportunity to get into the market. 


Besides that, if such predictions in regards to the year of the Black Water Dragon is true then it is good to invest by the time stocks another low. Accumulate as much as you can and hope that 2013 would truly be the year we have all been waiting for. As they say "when there is blood in the street" it is the best time to invest since prices of stocks go down. 

I don't know if you believe in Chinese Feng Shui. In your personal opinion do you think the Year of the Black Water Dragon is a good year to be in the stock market?


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krissy said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Hello Water Dragon, Hurray to a green PSEI! ^^