Investing in Philippines: Will CEB(Cebu Pacific) fly high?


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Will CEB(Cebu Pacific) fly high?

Was checking my portfolio and I just noticed that my CEB is now in the green area.

Been watching this stock with the hopes that it will get back on track after a not so good start after its IPO. Its the new year and Cebu Pacific's expansion and new flights might bring it back in the black.

Below is the price chart of CEB and a noticeable spike was seen in yesterday's trading:

The competition in the local and international flights for Philippine and Southeast Asian airlines will always be there  and the rising fuel cost won't keep CEB's profitability as it proved in previous years. The developments of CEB's expanded flights and additional airplanes might be the driving force behind this price surge.

After some time it is now going north, we hope it sustains such an upward trend as it opens new flight routes in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Any thoughts on CEB's price surge? Please do share them in the comment box below.

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