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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Want To Get My E-book, Investing In Stocks, For Free?

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For some time now I have been emailing personally a copy of my e-book, Investing In Stocks, to my active subscribers. 

Why am I giving away this e-book?

Well for your continued patronage of the blog I have decided to give away copies of my e-book to all active subscribers. And besides that it's my birthday this month thus as a gift to you from me I am giving the e-book for free until my birthday(remember until my birthday only).

So sign up now and get the latest updates from this blog below:


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After verifying your sign up please fill in the form below and I will personally send you my e-book. I will check my Google docs and if you make it on time(that is on or before my birthday) I will email you a copy personally.

So sign up and get the latest from Investing in Philippines!

P.S. By the way, I am currently preparing the e-book for Kindle format and will be selling the e-book to that is why if you want to get a copy,  now is the time because for sure the price won't be at $5.00 in

P.S. 2 By the way if you already purchase this e-book please include in the comments in the form that you already purchase this e-book and I will send you my first e-book, Thoughts of a Blogger, instead.


Louis Delos Angeles said...

Thank you very much guys for supporting!!! I am so honored to reach so many through Investing i Philippines. Those who subscribed and active is all over the Philippines and as far as Algeria. Thank you for your comments, I will surely make changes on the blog and write more on your requested topics. Also will write more books not only on investing but also on how to really start from scratch.... again my many thanks for your support!!!

Arlet Villanueva said...

Hi, I've been backreading your blog, but I can't seem to find your article on how to really start from scratch. I wonder if you have it already?

HAHAHA, I've only started reading about investing and I think of starting when I have a regular income already (eep, newly grad) but then I changed my mind, now, I want to invest my savings already, since I won't be needing it in the near future anyway because I still live with my family.

Lalala, HAHAHA anyway, yeah thanks for your updates and insights!

Louis Delos Angeles said...

Thank you Arlet Villanueva for asking..

I tried to search my blog and came up with this blogpost:

I guess thos eare the most post that will help you getting started.

If you mean "how to open a brokerage account and how to pick stocks" that is another story and it would take a lot of post but surely I will do that, thanks for bringing that out.

You can email me at if you have further questions.

Again thank you!

Arlet Villanueva said...

Hi sir Louis, thanks for your reply! I appreciate it.

I have no questions for now but I've already decided to open an account in COL soon. That way, I'll have no excuse for not studying investing HAHAHA

Also, I'm really glad that your blog is made for average people like I am. HAHAHAHAHA ang hirap kasing intindihin nung ibang ebooks/articles on investing eh.

Thanks again!

I hope I'm not disturbing your vacation.

Pinoy Investing said...

arlet,this may help
Your perfect easy guide on Investing in the Philippine Stock Market - Check out for your resources, for FREE!

Drin said...

hope to have u ebooks.. thank you...

Investing in Philippines said...

Hi there Drin! Unfortunately the promo I did already ended. You can purchase my book on though both the e-book and the paperback version, just look for me, Louis Delos Angeles

or click the links on the side to buy the e-book through Paypal