Investing in Philippines: It's A Red Day!!!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's A Red Day!!!!


Yes that is how we can describe today's Philippine Stock Market. Was checking the world markets last night and it seems today is not unexpected.

Are you new in the stock market?

Yes its a scary time, its a very depressing situation. After hours and hours of analyzing and tossing your coins a hundred times to make a decision whether to buy or not but finally bought the stock and now it is down to a jaw dropping 10% from your purchase cost.

Let's blame it again to Greece and to what ever happened out there with Mr. JP. 

But the question really is how should you look at this situation? Will you let yourself be drag by this depressing situation? Will you let this event ruin our day or even worse your weekend?

If you look at this as the worse day or the unluckiest day of your life others are so happy that they even jump up and down with joy because the stock they have been waiting has finally hit there entry price. 

Across the board all stocks are down brought about by the growing fears over in Europe again. Well The Philippine Stock Exchange may be down but we have seen it months back how it manage to go back to its feet. This could be a healthy correction thus it is as we call "buyer's time." 

So do you have extra cash? Let's shop! Or better yet wait a little bet and start buying very good and sound stocks when the stock market in general is bouncing back.

So how about you? How do you see this depressing red day? Leave your answers in the comment box.


OmengTawid said...

as an opportunity to buy more! :)

Pinoy Investing said...

it's buying time!