Investing in Philippines: Online Broker: COL Financial Now Available In All Browsers


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Online Broker: COL Financial Now Available In All Browsers

Just got this from awhile ago. 

COL Financial( which is the former is now available in all browser. Pretty much the same features in beta version but will check it if there are new features included in latest version.


I like the home page when you are not yet log in, I hope they keep that same style when you go to your account. The new name is now prominent(I circled in red) and the log in details is now on top. 

Will update you anything once I go over this all browser website.


Jack said...

I have compared both col financial & citiseconline, but the figs on equity value are not the same. Citiseconline is always higher than col financial. Bakit kaya?

Anonymous said...

I think, in the col finance the market value, gain/loss amount and % are the net value when you sell (commision, vat, other charges was already deducted).

Investing in Philippines said...

Hi Jack and Anonymous :)

I just made a quick computation and it looks like it. The value you see as gain or loss is the actual amount that you should be getting when you indeed sell your holdings, while in the site it is just the difference between the cost and market price.

stockdonator said...

Hello, I would like to say that, I like your blog alot

Investing in Philippines said...

Thank you very much stockdonator!

Pinoy Investing said...

yup those are net values