Investing in Philippines: Is it very depressing to see the stock market slump again


Friday, July 30, 2010

Is it very depressing to see the stock market slump again


Many of you might be re-thinking if it was mistake putting money in the stock market.

Or maybe many of you might be thinking you entered at the wrong time, that you should have bought that stock you got this time rather than two weeks ago? 

Yup it's depressing to see that the stocks you bought are in the red right now but always remember you have not yet sold those stocks so in reality have not yet any loss. If you have sold such then I say you have lost. In stock investing you can always chose when to sell or not. Holding unto stocks for the future might be a blessing in disguise. It may be very low today but as long as the company is in good financial shape it will withstand all this roller-coaster ride of the stock market.

So hold on and be calm. Once you panic you already lost the game. That is why I keep on re-iterating to only invest free cash. You must always set aside emergency money in case you need it really badly. 

As a friend always remind us in our forum "trade at your own risk." There maybe risk in investing in stock market but it is still a computable risk. You are in control of this game so take control and don't let fear take over you. 

You are in control, you can make profit even in the midst of downturn. Stay calm and control the risk.

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