Investing in Philippines: Who is Dr. George Ty


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who is Dr. George Ty

To simple put it, Dr. George S.K. Ty is the founder of the Metrobank.

But besides that who really is Dr. George S.K. Ty?

Probably you might have heard of his name when GT Capital Holdings made its IPO in the Philippine Stock Exchange. GT Capital is the holding company of the Ty family businesses Metrobank, Toyota Motors Philippines, Federal Land Inc., Global Business Power Corporation, and Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation.

Originally from Hong Kong, the Ty family move to Binondo. Dr. George S.K. Ty founded Metrobank when he was only 29 years old together with Don Emilio Abello, Don Pio Pedrosa and Placido Mapa Sr. with their very first branch in Binondo. It was only after four years when another branch was setup in Davao. Metrobank is one of the Philippine's top banks mostly playing the 1-4 spot. Also Metrobank expanded to serve the Filipino overseas. In Taipei Metrobank is more known as the Filipino bank. 

Dr. George Ty dreamed of establishing a foundation to give back and serve the community. His dream materialized when he founded Metrobank Foundation.  The foundation has significant projects in health care, education, the military and police, the arts, architecture and design. 

After decades of being the head of Metrobank, Dr. George S. K. Ty finally pass the torch to his sons in handling the business. He is now focus in expanding their business abroad specially in China. As for the success of his empire he says that the key is ho you take care of people whether they are your partners, clients, or employees. Establishing a good relationship with whom you do business is the key. 

You might wonder what does the "S.K." mean in his name. It Dr. Ty's Chinese name which stands for "Siao Kian" of which "Siao" means youth and "Kian" means persistence. You might also wonder why he has a "Dr." in his name. Various educational institution gave him honorary doctorate degree for his distinguished achievements and exemplary service to his fellowmen particularly in education.


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