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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ways to be debt-free


This is a follow up on my previous blog "What it means to be debt-free" if you haven't read it yet click here to read it.

So you decided to be free from your debt but your wondering how in the world can I do  that? So this topic will be  in parts since it covers a lot of things.

Let's discuss the very first step. Step one is accepting that you are buried in debt.


I know you are lost why to be debt free one should accept that one is buried in debt. Just like any other addictions, the first step towards freedom from it is to acknowledge that one is addicted to it. Accept the fact that you are in debt. Most people will have a hard time doing this because of pride. They would say "no I'm not buried in debt, I'm just behind my payments don't worry money is coming".

It is sad that most Pinoys would just say that. They don't want to accept their situation thus they are always in denial mode. And so doing in order to cheer themselves they buy. They go shopping and go malling and when they see something they've always wanted they buy it and charge it to their credit card.

Or if they are upset they escape by going somewhere else like going to a resort or watching movies just to forget that they are buried in debt. I remember my brother's comment about how so many people have the guts to get a loan to pay up another loan just to have money to spend, he says "Basta at least sumaya sila sa inutang nila."

So the very first thing is really to accept that you are buried in debt. It creates that realization inside of you that you have to do something about it.  That one must be responsible for it and not escape and show the world that everything is okay because it is not okay.


Ever seen movie scenarios where the Dad or Mom secretly works in a night shift low paying job to support their family after losing their job while their children are acting like rich kids getting this and buying that. That is so pitiful and yet the parents keeps on denying it but in the end everything is ruin.



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