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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Problem of Youn Adults Today

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The problem of young adults today

What problems does the young adult of today faces?I was thinking for sometime about why lots of young adults(the 20-35 age bracket)are always depress with their lives. In an office or workplace, you can easily see who are those people who are not satisfied with life thus they…

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My new blog

Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I posted and I apologize for that. I have mentioned to you that I will be moving my blog to its own domain. 

Right now I am still in the building stages of that blog. but if you are interested and have some awesome suggestions please check it at

I hope you join there as well as you have in this blogspot blog.

Keep on working towards your financial freedom!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spend Below Your Means; Invest Within Your Means

Spend below your means

You might be spending below your means but such is not enough to fully achieve debt-free and financially free status.

The other half that you should focus on once you have mastered your spending is knowing how much to invest. Investing is something that is not equated to having your own business or running your own online store. Investing is making your hard earn money work for you. Investments should be the source of your passive income.

If that is the case the solution then is to have lots of money and invest it? This is so easy to those big honchos and born with a silver or golden spoon but such is not impossible to us salaried and savers.

A lot of people have this mistake of investing all their cash to stock, loan, or some investment company but eventually lost a lot because the stock market is bearish for the longest time and was forced to sell at  a loss, the borrower became bankrupt and can't pay a single penny or worst run away with your money, and the worst is investing in a scam.

That is why you should only be investing within your means. Always remember the rule of only investing free cash.

Here is what you should do with the limited cash in order to put up a considerable fund as an investment.

1. Set aside a regular free cash every payday
2. Check investment vehicles, learn the ins and outs first, 
    and list down the best
3. Time is your ally
4. Invest when  such investment is down, sell at profit
5. Set aside a big portion of your profits for re-investing.



I have been telling and advising this for the longest time. In order for small funds to accumulate you have to do two things: set aside a fixed amount and at a regular interval. Always set this aside first before spending your paycheck. Its like dividing your cash and this gets its share first.

Others term this paying yourself first. This concept means setting aside to your personal investment fund first before paying your debts and spending for your wants. This also not only applies to your paycheck but also to any free cash that passes your hands.


After sometime you might have set aside a considerable sum of money and you finally decided to invest. You heard of this investment saying it guaranties a 12% per month return and you immediately put your money in. At first they pay what they promise until the time comes that they are delayed until one day you learn in the news that the company foiled up and its owners run away with your money. 

Checking and learning about the investment is a wiser idea than just jumping into a popularized investment scam. Also there is lots of good investment out there thus you got to make your list. Having this list will help you a lot in your investment picking. Sort them out based on how safe, how much return, and how much outlay is needed.


Time works both ways. At times opportunity comes and you got to seize it; other times patience is really needed.

There are investment out there that comes once in a while. This is the very reason why you should always have a ready set aside free cash to buy such investments. On the other side there are investments that will take longer to materialize. Real property like land don't go up in  a day or a week at most it will take years before its price appreciates. Stocks of new and promising company will take time before their prices rise, they got to prove to the public their capability to generate returns.


As always follow the simple rule of "buy low, sell high." But lets look at this just like what Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad said: Buy to earn.

That is why time is your ally. Be always on the look out when prices go down. There are signs when such is already happening. Also always set your target. Investing without might lead you to endless expectations that disappoint. Once your investment its target make profits don't wait and don't regret selling it you might not know when will such profit level can be achieve again.


This is where many falters. After making a big profit they are happy and party and end up spending what they have earned. One should re-invest on top of the original  investment profits that you make.

But it does not necessarily mean all the profits, of course you need to celebrate your victory. Of the profits re-invest about 50-70% and the 30% for your personal wants. But  would it be greater if you share your profits? Why not share a part of that 30% to those who are less fortunate? I bet you will find more joy in that rather than spending it all in your unlimited wants.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How Much Is Investing in Philippines?

Was just making search using Google Search. 

I discovered their Tips and Tricks page for better searching so I tried the "related:" search function with my blog in order for me to know who else are writing the same niche I am writing in.

source for question mark design:

To my surprise one site that pop-out is

This site calculates some numerical and monetary values about your  site. I remembered my good friend Khoa Bui(blogger behind, best selling author, international speaker, corporate trainer and entrepreneur) who wrote "How To Increase Your Website Traffic" and I finally realize how important it is to increase your traffic to make your site valuable.

For me there were two things that I think made the basis why they valued my site. One is of course the content. Its unique content for "investing" and "Philippines" did attract quality pageviews. Second is as most bloggers out there would always tell the frequency and how recently the post would surely hike up the value of your blog. As you noticed I did slowed down and the goal any blogger would like to reach is to make about 1,000 post of about 3-4 paragraphs of quality content.

Now why am I blogging about this when this is a blog for investing?

Blogging too can be a source of income which you can develop. Blogging now a days is like writing a book or research unlike before that it is merely use as an online diary. Blogging also has been one of the advertising vehicles since it creates a fanbase(yes thank you to my Feedburner followers, those who leave their comments, those who follow my blog through Facebook and NetworkedBlog, my tweets, and recently my pins in Pinterest).

Now for the moment of truth, how much is Investing in Philippines? Check the screenshot below taken as of today, September 6, 2012:

This is how much is Investing in Philippines

Nah it is not yet a 6 figure value but hey I am still at around 300 post, remember the goal(1,000)? I hope you will be there with me when I get to that milestone.

I am planning to move out of the ".blogspot" site name. I hope you will be there when that happens because I need your comments, your ideas, your experience, and your company when I do get there(that is 1,000+ post and non-blogger hosted site). 

So thank you so much and see you soon.

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